Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling Is Powerful

If you and your partner are happy at this time, why would you need pre-marital counseling?

Premarital courses can give couples the skills they need to understand what it takes to really enjoy a satisfying relationship. Planning a wedding ceremony and learning to deal with marriage stresses is a great topic to cover. As a result of social and economic change that is occurring in our culture, traditional gender lines seem to be circumvented and these qualities are now seen in both men and women. While stereotypes can hold considerable truth, they tend to fall short of capturing the complexities of contemporary relationships.

Most couples get engaged when they are still in the infatuation or romantic love stages of a relationship, which is great. I see couples who are such good friends that they cannot sustain being lovers and simply can?t figure out what?s happening. I see lovers who hold so tenaciously to the idea that sex must be spontaneous that they never have it at all. I see couples who view seduction as too much work, something they shouldn?t have to do now that they are committed. So often, after the excitement of the wedding ceremony is over, they find themselves starting to struggle.

When you love someone, how does it feel? When you desire someone, how is it different?

Open dialogues can be very difficult for couples particularly if dysfunctional or disruptive ways of relating already exist. If at least one person in the relationship procrastinates or avoids talking about these issues, then pre-marital counseling may be worthwhile. It can be a forum where the focus is on the relationship and help you broach difficult questions, such as: Should you go forward with the wedding? Is there a sense of entitlement (example; ?I know what best for this relationship?) surfacing? Are there dynamics that simply don?t add up? Your partner does not agree with the way you handle your debt or your family ? what should you do? You feel that you are giving in too much ? is there a better way to make decisions? If the questions above resonate with you, a qualified premarital therapist can be a valuable resource for any couple trying to get off on the right foot before the journey of marriage begins.

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