Family Therapy

Family Therapy

In family therapy, family members can evaluate and address dilemmas with the guidance of a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Even families who do not have major dilemmas sometimes seek direction from a therapist in hopes that minor conflicts will not grow larger. By engaging in family therapy, many people have found ways to increase their communication skills and have learned how to increase the bond between members.


Family therapy can help people in almost all dysfunctional situations. Obtaining knowledge and understanding the power of choices often leads to the ability of you understanding your own behavior first, thus improving your understanding of the people around you. Douglas is an expert in systemic dynamics (family systems) and specializes in helping each individual understand their role within the family not the other way around.


Benefits of Talking to Family Therapists

Family therapists are able to effectively help families solve problems by approaching and addressing a dilemma in a structural manner. Many families have found that resolving their conflicts can create enormous opportunities for satisfying relationships going forward. Reality therapist have the ability to guide clients through an open form of communication, minimize external control, and begin to understand the reality of choices. When external control is minimized, families are able to build stronger bonds and enjoy more satisfying relationships.


Douglas specializes in family therapy by focusing on the individual first and foremost. He conducts family sessions and approaches family problems in a very different way than most ?textbook? therapists ? One way of doing so is by allowing each individual family member to voice their opinions and feelings, as this helps everyone feel their emotions, thoughts, and choices matter within the family system.

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