Encouraging Fun

Encouraging Fun

One of my favorite questions in a counseling session is, ?when was the last time you had fun?? No one is going to knock on your door and encourage you to get off the proverbial couch and start having fun again. The best way to decide whether an exercise is right for you is to get out and do something about it.Even though it might be difficult to start, don?t get tied to your desk and forget to get out and have some fun with your partner or close friends. Remember, isolation breeds neurosis, you?re not crazy; you might simply be too relaxed and bored. Plan an adventurous date that will make your relationship as fun and satisfying as it is romantic.


It?s a well-known fact that partners who enjoy hobbies and interests have a better chance of maintaining healthy energy levels and success. Whether its sports and recreation or hanging in the front row of a major rock concert, plan a date that will be unforgettable and fun for both of you.

If you both like the outdoors, forget about a nice walk in the park, do something that feels exciting and uncertain. Plan for a game of tennis, some rock climbing or trail biking. When was the last time you planned an event that?s suitable for your fitness level? Whatever you choose, try not to pick an activity that requires a great deal of training to do successfully, unless you are confident in your own fitness levels.


Don?t forget to keep the lines of communication open, you want your partner to feel comfortable and willing to participate as much as possible. Remember to find activities that will allow you to keep the cost of your adventures affordable. Pick something that has a high adventure value, but won?t make a big dent in your bank account. It?s usually the free, impromptu activities that are the most memorable.

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