Creating Power

Creating Power

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Power ? we all have it whether we realize it or not. Those who are keenly aware of it and understand its purpose utilize and eagerly nurture the concept of satisfying the relationships that help them remain successful and happy. Highly effective individuals possess a zealous sense of their personal power, all the while understanding that ?no man is an island,? meaning we all need healthy relationships to truly grow and evolve, while creating power. Those who are unaware of it and whom do not understand its purpose consistently give away or allow others to rob them of their sense of self, meaning they lose power by forfeiture.

Be true to yourself and seek reciprocity, this is so powerful; the best way to be at peace with your decisions is by first understanding that you have choices to make that can bring about great opportunities. All choices come with a consequence ? positive and negative. When your choices are grounded in reality, you should see more opportunities than negative consequences. If you choose to focus on controlling other people and their circumstances, it tends to be easier for you to lose control of the one thing that you actually control ? YOU (because that?s all you have).

Complete control is an illusion ? you?re fooling yourself if you believe otherwise. Just focus on controlling you and your circle of influence will grow to the degree that you grow personally. In my experience, the more you are able to nurture satisfying relationships, the more clarity you will have to facilitate better decisions for tomorrow?s opportunities. When you find satisfying relationships, you ultimately find satisfaction within yourself. It is a natural law ? a universal principle.

Below are the ten axioms that Dr. William Glasser created, and I invite everyone to understand them:


1. The only person whose behavior we can control is our own.


2. All we can give another person is information.


3. All long-lasting psychological problems are relationship problems.


4. The problem relationship is always part of our present life.


5. What happened in the past has everything to do with what we are today, but we can only satisfy our basic needs right now and plan to continue satisfying them in the future.


6. We can only satisfy our needs by satisfying the pictures in our Quality World.


7. All we do is behave.


8. All behavior is Total Behavior and is made up of four components: acting, thinking, feeling and physiology.


9. All Total Behavior is chosen, but we only have direct control over the acting and thinking components. We can only control our feeling and physiology indirectly through how we choose to act and think.


10. All Total Behavior is designated by verbs and named by the part that is the most recognizable.


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