Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

More and more couples want to understand why their relationships are stressed. Relationships can be difficult, especially when modern society allows so many different definitions of what a relationship can and should be. Since it is not uncommon for partners to realize that they have different expectations, couples therapy helps bring people together in order to discuss these dynamics in a therapeutic forum.


Dilemmas and challenges will arise throughout the course of every relationship so relationships have the potential to benefit from couples therapy. It?s no mystery that couples tend to blame their partners for the problems in their current relationship. However, it is much more difficult to identify the challenge each individual faces. It?s a simple equation ? each individual is responsible for their own behavior.


Relationships will lose some of the initial vitality as it evolves. When this happens, it is natural for people to begin to notice the intensity fading in the quality of the relationship. Typically, this is when conflicts begin, with symptoms like blaming someone else for their misery.


Couples therapy can help people in almost all situations, and doesn?t just apply to dysfunctional situations. Obtaining knowledge and understanding that choices often lead to improving the couple?s relationship is one of the ultimate goals. We specialize in many facets of couples therapy, including parenting, family violence, family rituals (roles and rules) and sex therapy.


Why seek Couples Therapy?

Seeking the help of a couples therapist will help each of you identify your own behavior, and then begin to work towards solutions. In order to develop and maintain a healthy relationship, it might be in your best interest to look at your own behavior before looking at your partner?s behavior. Difficulties can be found within the contexts of what we understand as normal relationships and doesn?t necessarily mean divorce is emminent.

The relationship as a whole could be suffering from external control, meaning, blaming others for our misery (example, ?you?re driving me crazy??). While the instinct to blame directs all of the negative energy toward the other person in the relationship, this cannot be the focus of healthy growth.


The art of couples therapy has been helping couples for many years, creating happier and more satisfying relationships, and allowing for a deeper understanding between partners. Having said this, building solid bonds necessary for satisfying relationships is key. The process of couples therapy can be worked on at varying levels of intensity and regularity, depending on the issues at hand.

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