Douglas K. Lormand, LPC-S

Choice Theory


is one of the keys to helping you understand the reality of choosing your own behavior and making positive changes in your life. Douglas is a Licensed Professional Counselor and AASECT Certified Therapist based in The Greater Houston Area. Through his expertise, he creates a clinical therapeutic atmosphere where clients feel comfortable and safe enough to embrace the vulnerability one might experience. He works one-on-one with individuals and couples in a personalized setting, allowing him to respond to the unique needs of each individual.


Douglas’s clinical perspective balances in and around an approach that moves a client’s focus off of what’s wrong and onto what’s right and helps them take the role of expert (which they hold anyway) and take responsibility from there for setting their own goals and reaching them. As a therapist, he feels that it may not always be about what’s missing and causes woe, but may be what’s present and can lead to happiness. This new behavior cannot ignore the idea that events may look different on the outside, but often is still related to the same underlying belief. Being diametrically opposed to external control is simple, I see too often the belief that one thinks they have the power to decide what’s right or wrong about the people and/or events around them. Knowing what is right or wrong, legitimate or illegitimate is simply a fantasy language that some people use when they are in unhappy relationships.


Many relationships can be mended; however, there are others who eventually need help in navigating separation or divorce. If you are experiencing personal difficulty, it is almost always because you have not been able to figure out a way to negotiate differences with someone important to you. Solution building is an important goal in anyone’s life, meaning, when you change the language that shapes how you think about any problem, you will eventually change the language that shapes how you think about potential solutions.

Clinical Experience

Douglas?s clinical experience includes private practice settings, counseling in State and Federal funded managed care programs, acute care psychiatric facilities, inpatient dual diagnosis rehabilitation facilities, intensive outpatient programs (IOP),and adult mental health services to those who are struggling with symptoms of major depression, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorders. Douglas is primarily focused on Choice Theory and personally collaborated with Dr. William Glasser, MD in Los Angeles. His AASECT training and certification was satisfied in Palm Beach, Florida and Columbia University in New York.


Fees for services are commensurate with other area practitioners. He is an “out of network” provider for most insurance companies and will provide a fee statement for clients to file with their insurance carrier so that the insured can be directly reimbursed. This kind of structure offers a level of personalized attention which is rarely available from therapists constrained by the managed care “high volume” model. As a clinician, he selectively limits the number of clients he accepts in an effort to provide the highest level of quality care to each client. His clinical approach integrates Choice Theory counseling principles with other sound therapeutic practices.


Are there any potential harms from therapy?

Due to the nature of therapy, at times you may be exploring difficult emotions and experiences that you would normally avoid. This may feel scary or unpleasant at times as you learn to work through and deal with certain emotions. At times it may be frustrating that improvement does not happen more quickly. Also, at times other people in your life may feel threatened or nervous that through therapy you might choose to make specific changes in your life that could affect them.

You can take charge and learn how to handle your dilemma in a positive way. Take the first step and let Douglas K. Lormand, LPC-S help you understand that relationships truly can be satisfying. Contact Douglas K. Lormand now.

Education and Training

Douglas is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), holds a Master of Education degree in Counseling (M.Ed.), and a Master of Science degree in Training and Development (M.S.)

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☆ Licensing Examinations ? Louisiana State University0

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